Saar Swinters is a Belgian designer with an outspoken love for the sartorial craft. Following her postgraduate studies at LUCA school of arts, she has worked in several studios broadening her knowledge, from fabric to design.

Her passion extends outside working hours, leading to many unique pieces crafted in her home studio for family and friends. Here the “Scoodie” was born.

A scoodie is a long, comfortable scarf combined with an oversized hood. It can be worn in various ways and provides a silhouette full of shape and character, for her and him. This makes it a very personal piece of clothing.

Each Scoodie is handmade in Saar's studio. They are available in a limited edition (only one to three pieces per colour). The supply will frequently be renewed on the website.

For the 2017 collection, Saar Swinters works with end-of-season fabrics from the prêt-à-porter clothing industry. This cradle to cradle approach actively reduces waste.

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